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Veteran Gourmet 2013-12-11
在銅鑼灣個性小店cafe愈來愈少,很多做不住,頂手給人。在銅鑼灣真是不多選擇。今日突想品嚐一些有特色的蛋糕~ 黑麥向來售賣自家包類,又有蛋糕~蛋糕都展示在雪櫃中,只要問店員不同口味有什麼特色,店員都會詳細介紹。女店員的說話方式比較豪爽,不太嬌艷,做事都十分快速。少有看到的女強人店員類~不過感覺都ok~chocolate moouse cake 中間是紙包蛋糕味道,很大雞蛋味道。chocolate moouse 很重牛奶味道,淡chocolate味,十分sweet。chocolate moouse 不軟,十分硬,脆身的chocolate !兩者配合,不過不失,最大優點是很大件。以$38來說有這大件是合理的。 continue reading
Elite Gourmet 2013-12-05
不定期的每幾個月, 便會跟姊妹團來一個小聚了,每每相聚總聊上好幾個小時, 也真夠盡興。所以在選地方時, 也要挑到一些坐得舒適, 價錢相宜的地方。這次選的是位於銅鑼灣的黑麥。剛進大門, 便見那豐富的麵包櫃, 在左旁的是一個小小的蛋糕櫃 。埸內的格局是挺有cafe的感覺, 其實真要有心理準備這兒的服務是不過不失的水準而已。Pumpernickel: 從眾多麵包中選了店員所指的招牌,正是押上了店名的麵包, 有分大小的, 沒記錯的話, 小的是$35; 大的則是$45, 還是點一個小的便好。麵包切成一片片的, 整齊的放在麵包籃內, 溫溫的, 難得最外皮竟是薄脆型, 麵包濕潤, 唯據稱麵包內有一點點茴香的味道, 但是不難為接受的, 想減輕這分味道的話, 則可塗一點牛油。雞肉醬幼麵: 就像是肉醬意粉, 意粉的質感相當對辦, 論味道也是相當不錯的。意大利火腿綠意瓜意大利飯: 這是三者中我最喜歡的, 就是很creamy。意大利飯的米芯不過硬,稍嫌其仔配料的味道跟質感不算是太突出, 但也可以吃吃看。田螺煙肉白酒牛油汁意粉: 相對之下, 這個是有點失望的, 整體味道偏淡身, 而且田螺的質感偏軟身, 還是田螺應該要搭薯蓉嗎?主菜分量是比想像中少一點, 但也不失為假日與姊妹團聚會的好地方。值得一提的是星期六下午是沒有下午茶餐牌的, 吃的是a la carte餐牌, 也不設訂位, 切餅費則是每位$10。消費: $150 continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2013-09-27
It's my first time to dine in this restaurant. A few points for future improvements, hope the restaurant manager will read, or the operator will take a look and think about it.A. Basics1. Menu - set dinner menu not shown inside the restaurant. Only one menu (which is very small) to show set dinner outside the restaurant. Staff showed reluctancy to repeat the dishes of Today's Special. Explanation of "to add HK$ 10 for a side pasta" was completely wrong. 2. Table Setting - two spoons (one for soup and one for rice) + a folk. Where is the knife? There's steak menu in the restaurant.  Understood that staff should put the right culteries on table, but they are placed wrongly. See Point 3 below.3. Staff needed training / operations of the restaurnat should be reviewed. Below are the questions that I asked tonight, you will find it surprising long, I will write the reasons and observations next to my questions.Q1 - pls provide pepper. (After serving the mushroom soup, no one asked you if you need pepper)Q2 - pls provide salt. (Well, there is no salt and pepper placed on the table)Q3 - pls add some water (I asked this question over 10 times tonight. The volume of the glass is around 40 ml, so one can imagine why I need to ask so many times, and no staff is attentive)Q4 - pls provide mastard and ketcup (we ordered steak, with French fries. again, no one asked if ketcup or mastard is needed. Well, if you go to Fast Food Macxxxxd's, they will immediately give you one without asking! same as any other fast food shop. In this restaurant, YOU HAVE TO ASK EVERYTHING)Q5 - may I have olive oil and vinegar (if you have to ask for salt and pepper, obviously you need to further ask this question)Q6 - may I have a knife (it seems that the staff do not realise how one can eat with a folk only and without a knife!) Q7 - pls add some cream (we order two cups of coffee, and only one small cup of cream is served)Q8 - May I have chili flakes Q9 - What is the set dinner for tonight? (No one introduced this !!!)Q10 - Please clarify if I add HK$ 10 for the pasta on the side? (because another staff told me a separate "bowl" of pasta would be provided)It is obvious that the restaurant owner, or manager, have to rethink how to train your staff to provide BASIC western style service in this non-Chinese food restaurant. In view of the price of the food, I would expect some service better than "fish ball noodle restaurants". However, even for local fish ball noodle restaurants, I can find 1) chopsticks and spoons (vs. here I can find only spoon, folk but without a knife!) 2) chili sauce and soy sauce (vs. here no single salt and pepper are served on table, you have to ASK) 3) local staff, cashier, etc are easily seen and proactively attend to you (vs. here, you have to wait for them to finish their "chatting" or "gathering" and ask them to give you the items listed on the 10 questions above, ONE AT A TIME).The main problem is, these staff simply had not dined in a formal western style restaurant, where the staff would 1) sort out the correct culteries, 2) proactively give you water, even tap water, 3) salt and pepper on table, and staff serve necessary sauces with the dishes, 4) no "staff gathering" be seen by customer, not to mention that there are less than 10 tables in this restaurant but there are 3 floor staff, that's why they can start of a chatting group and do their own discussions without attending at the customers.B. Food1. Desserts are disasters - none of them tasted right (I did not expect "good" after seeing the service of this restaurant)2. My friend left over whole plate of dessert and whole cup of coffee. No one ever questioned if there is any problem on the food.C. PaymentWhen returning my reciept to me, the "floor manger / supervisor" nearly forget to return my credit card to me. That's obviously unacceptable.Final remarksI did not expect something out of my expectations in restaurants of similar style. But in view of its location, the price, food quality and so on, I think if the manger / owner can consider my observations and experiences that I had tonight, and re-train your staff, at least to deliver something similar to those "local restaurants" - I am not saying to compare yours with the high quality western style restaurants.To be honest, I am very disappointed about the level of service tonight because I tried your Tin Hau restaurant before and the standard is NOT the same as this one, none at all. continue reading