8-min walk from Exit A2, Sheung Wan MTR Station
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Trainee Gourmet 2016-06-20
My go - to brunch spot in Soho, oola never fails to deliver great, fresh food. I've had dinner here several times too... But brunch is best! Recommend the breakfast bruschetta and eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce is light and citrusy, not overpowering. Eggs are perfectly poached on top of thick wholesomeToast. Oola also has a good to-go section in the small deli, so a quick take-away option is the panini or empanadas - both are really delicious and a bargain breakfast around $50-60.The service is always fast and super friendly, even when busy. continue reading
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Veteran Gourmet 2016-06-06
好耐好耐冇黎Oolaa, 真係忘記咗佢嘅味道係點。呢日難得早起咗少少,決定專誠走去Oolaa 食佢嘅早餐。好彩早去,入到去佢話差唔多book晒,問我哋可否一個鐘内還枱,當時都只係10點幾,所以我知一定無問題。估唔到咁耐冇去都依然係常滿。我叫咗我嘅至愛Egg Benedict 同埋Chamomile, 男朋友仔就叫咗 big breakfast. 諗住佢食量驚人,一定會夠飽。Egg Benedict - 叫咗mushroom & spinach 味,非常之鍾意佢個蛋,整得好有質素,半生熟嘅滾水蛋,美味非常。真係好味到我要變腰果眼!加埋上面大量嘅mushroom 同菠菜,估唔到2隻蛋都足以令我飽!Iola's Big Breakfast - 顧名思義,乜都有啲咁。有薯仔,腸仔,bacon, 炒蛋,磨菇,茄汁豆同多士。炒蛋嘅份量係大到覺得有8隻中國蛋炒埋。男朋友仔笑說話呢個份量足夠4個小朋友食。連佢咁大食,都食唔晒。樣樣都好好味道,但如果bacon 係多啲肥肉會更好味,當然人人口味不同,有啲人鍾意脆嘅bacon, 有啲就鍾意軟身嘅。我就比較鍾意偏中間但唔係全脆嗰種。呢間嘅bacon 就唔係中間嗰種,但係軟身肉質較多嗰種。一定會再黎,佢始終都係我喜愛的地方,環境同服務都保持高水準。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Novice Gourmet 2016-05-26
This is one of the places then I regularly goes to for long lunches. Located slightly further up from PMQ, it's a restaurant that you can avoid the crowd. Once you walk in you'd feel you've gone to a restaurant overseas. Their lunch menu is often well set out with very reasonable pricing. Today I ordered my regular salad bar as starter, and the steak as main. The buffet is always a fun challenge for me, going to the bar thinking like an architect and try to build a tower of salad. Of course I'm not going to disclose my stacking secrets here, but a few things that you should definitely try if they're available, are their prawns, pasta and chicken salad. These may sound simple, but to enjoy fresh prawns at a buffet without worrying about their refrigerating system is vey reassuring, and it's nice to have chicken and pasta salad where the pasta is al dante, chicken is moist and you don't have a mouthful of mayonnaise. Although by the time I finished my salad I'd be very full already. The steak and chips looks too good not to savour them. Their chips are always nice and crispy, and their steak are always well grilled and juicy. The servers will give you a full choice of sauces to go with the steak, and I usually go with grain or Dijon mustard. I've tried many other dishes during dinner time as well, for example their tuna, calamari, beef and fish burgers as well as beef tartare. Everything are high in quality in terms of their freshness, balance of flavours, portions and plating. 這是我經常去享用悠長午餐的地方。位於PMQ以上,這是一個你可以避開人群的餐廳。當走進裏面你會覺得像去到了外國的餐廳。他們的午餐菜單往往有條理而且價格相當合理。今天,我叫了我至愛的沙律吧作前菜,牛扒為主菜。沙律吧每次都是一個有趣的挑戰,出發時就想像自己是建築師,要建立一個沙律大樓。當然,我不會在這裡透露我的建層的秘密,但有幾道菜,如果有提供就一定要試試,包括蝦,意粉和雞肉沙拉。這些聽起來簡單,但在自助餐吃新鮮大蝦,而不必擔心他們的冷凍系統是讓人放心的,雞肉不會乾而意粉又彈牙,更不會感到整口蛋黃醬。雖然當我吃完沙律已經會很飽。但牛扒和薯條看起來好得不能不好好品嚐。薯條總是炸得香脆,牛扒總是烤得不錯又多汁。店員又會提供各款會給你一個充分的醬汁配牛扒,我通常會選擇芥末。我亦在晚餐時段嘗試過很多其他菜式,例如吞拿魚,炸魷魚,牛肉和魚柳漢堡以及牛肉韃靼。食物的新鮮程度,口味,擺碟和份量都做得好。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)