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Family Style Dining
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星期一至日: 12:00-22:30
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10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Angus Steak Rack of Lamb Grilled Foie Gras
Featured Reviews (51)
It was raining cats and dogs today and we bumped into this restaurant for an early dinner just to avoid the rainstorm. We ordered Thai style beef salad and Nasi Goreng...the beef was so tender that I just did not feel like I was eating beef...the taste was just not "beefy" nor "meaty"...seemed like they hv added a handful of baking powder into it!!! As for the Nasi Goreng...I thought I was just having some yucky Chinatown style fried rice with soy sauce. The taste was just not right. The service was bad too...my hubby noticed that one of the waiters kept putting his fingers into his mouth -- and picking his teeth with a bare hand!!!! My hubby nearly wanted to leave the shop immediately! It was awful...you just did not expect such terrible service in a nicely decorated restaurant by the seaside! This kind of experience was just too much to have it twice in your lifetime... continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2009-07-02
難得的假期,兩個人走去多人的赤柱行, 當日真係好熱啊, 走左入呢間餐廳度食野抖涼, 下午茶時間,order左一個豬仔肉扒 & 泰式蝦酸辣湯金邊粉河, 豬仔肉扒的汁好好味, 肉排好嫩,而酸辣湯係有d 冬陰公香味,唔錯,蝦就太少同埋鞋左d, 個粉都幾多幾滑.優優閒閒一個tea, ok 呀! continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2009-06-08
三個家庭六個大人三個BB, 見有個大叔晌廣場派傳單, 佢話好平好抵食, 咁就中計...去到得一台客, 一對情侶坐露天, 熱到想死, 我揀室內坐, 但即使係室內但冷氣都唔夠, 好熱.我地六個大人三個BB, Waiter就咁俾張6人台我地坐, 喂, 點坐呀大哥, 又行李又BB, 搞左一輪, 叫到出聲, 佢先醒目俾拍張八人台俾我地, 又唔係滿客, 我都唔知點解唔俾我地坐好d.坐得低放好晒d野, 點菜, 最平個餐$88, 我同老婆想食肉, 於是叫左個羊鞍同西冷, 其他人叫左魚餐, 青咖哩餐...頭盤 - 意大利雜菜湯+沙律 = 湯有味但d料好碎好少, 沙律係一片生菜上面放一舊仔吞拿魚撈螺絲粉.主菜 - 羊鞍 = 過熟 & 勁蘇(叫mid-raw). 西冷 = 半塊麥記"足三兩"咁大, 三份一塊花園餐廳西冷咩上下, 太熟(日明叫mid-raw). 青咖哩 = 很辣. 魚 = 不知道無試食, 但份量又係超細碟.甜品 - 一磚仔芝士條飲品 - 問過跟餐飲叫可樂, 要加十蚊, 過份.服務: 屋村茶餐廳水準, 廚房仲有個四眼佬黑面對客.價錢貴, 食唔飽, 味度唔係呢個價錢級數, 服務未夠細心, 廁所無水沖廁塞晒d紙晌度, 冷氣唔夠, 食品選擇少.位有幸睇到呢份報告既朋友, 千其要避開. continue reading