6-min walk from Exit B1, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station
2367 2263
Offering gorgeous and delectable Turkish cuisine, Merhaba is a vibrant restaurant at Knutsford Terrace. Its warm exotic decor, combined with a modern Mediterranean a la carte menu offers diners a contemporary and stylish ambience. Our Belly dance performance is something you will surely not want to miss! To dine here is a sensational adventure. continue reading
Opening Hours
星期一至四: 16:00- 02:00 星期五至六:16:00- 03:00 星期日:16:00- 01:00
Payment Method
Visa Master AE Cash JCB Diners
Number of Seats
Other Info
Open Till Late
Alcoholic Drinks
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Grill & BBQ on Sword Mediterranean Salad Deep Fried Lamb Spare Ribs with Mint Yogurt BBQ Ocean Trout Mint Cigar (Spinach, Cheese, Mint) with Mint Yogurt
Review (99)
愉快生日飯 Featured Review
Novice Gourmet 2016-09-01
朋友生日 多番搜尋後發現這裡有肚皮舞表演朋友大喜 嚷著要來看 順便試試土耳其菜小妹對土耳其菜毫無認識 唯一認知就是以前在國外讀書時校園中小小的一個土耳其烤餅店 至今仍一直對那烤餅念念不忘先論服務 小妹事前先到店裡放下蛋糕 店員非常友善及熱心幫忙 讚餐後亦主動送上蛋糕及有拍照服務 朋友非常驚喜 再讚環境很有土耳其特色風格 小妹特別喜愛它的燈 可惜忘了拍照薄荷雪茄 - 吃著像春卷 雪茄本身倒是沒有薄荷味 反而是旁邊的醬汁混有薄荷葉 味道清新芝士豆卜 - 小妹遲到 到達時豆卜只剩空碟 相片由朋友提供 朋友說好吃地中海沙律 - 內有三文魚 蝦 吞拿魚及蔬菜 非常開胃 小妹怪癖 特別鍾愛上面那條醃酸椒土耳其串燒雞和牛 - 未算非常香口 但兩種肉肉質都很嫩滑 但點配的醬汁略咸 咖哩雜菜配烤餅 - 咖哩有點像印度咖哩 但未有印度咖哩濃烈 可惜烤餅不掛汁 略為減分羊排骨 - 全晚最出色的菜式 羊香而不羶 肉質爽滑 恰到好處 羊肉本身已很夠味 不用點粉也很惹味Sexy Back Kiss - 可能是因為仍然是happy hour 酒精量算淡 只喝到菠蘿汁味 朋友點的另外兩杯酒也是只有淡淡的酒精店家送上的土耳其蛋糕 很驚喜蛋糕對我們三個不嗜甜的女孩來說有點偏甜 吃著有一點像鳳梨酥 可惜我們還有自備蛋糕 實在吃不下了 但非常感謝店家的心意用餐時還有肚皮舞表演欣賞 舞者還會拉客人同樂 氣氛很愉快壽星女和朋友都非常盡慶 令人愉快的一餐 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Novice Gourmet 2016-10-09
Went to this place for shisha and drinks. The first thing that repulsed me was the manager telling me we can only stay in case we take shisha + 1 drink per person minimum. Fine, many places in HK do the "minimum charge" on the weekends, but that is still not pleasant when you are being "greeted" this way. Shisha was quite fine, I have to admit, a lot of smoke and the taste was rich. Now for drinks. I ordered a mojito, which is the simpliest cocktail. It tasted as if it was made of vodka and a huge amount of sugar, not refreshing or minty at all. My friend got a martini, which I tried, and it was so strong that it was impossible to drink - again, as if it was made of vodka, not even a trace of martini in there! I got a hot apple tea as well, and it was extremely sweet as well, so sweet that it wasn't possible to taste any apple. My friend's pomegranate tea - it was super bright pink - tasted exactly the same, as if they were made from the same instant powder. Absolutely awful drinks and awful tea. I have no idea how do they manage to get a full house. Seriously guys, have you ever tried your drinks? How can you serve this to your customers? continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Trainee Gourmet 2016-09-26
NEVER GO AGAIN!We went for Happy Hour, First They ask if we have any orders before 8pm (Happy Hour finish time), we order another one but at the end they count as as the original price, this is not the worst thing yet.The WORST thing is at the end we ordered 8 drinks in total but they put down 11 drinks and that we STILL have to pay for it after I told the middle east boss about it. He told me they never put orders if we didnt order and the drinks will come out for sure.!!NEVER GO AGAIN! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)