3-min walk from Exit A3, Wan Chai MTR Station
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2574 3248
A vegetarian fastfood shop not using any egg, milk, onion nor garlic. It provides a wide variety of food like Pizza, Cha-siu (Chinese BBQ), Singporean laksa. All the sauces are self-made and cakes are made from organic soy milk, flour, raw sugar. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon.-Sun. 11:00-21:00
Payment Method
Cash Octopus
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Other Info
10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Tiramisu Cha-siu and Tofu Steak Rice Vegetarian Pizza
Review (22)
Veteran Gourmet 2016-06-11
雖然唔係素食者,不過有時都會特登只係食蔬菜類當一餐,感覺上好似健康少少。去開附近,就走咗去Loving Hut食晚餐。呢度同其他素食餐廳唔同,佢哋係快餐店形式,晌收銀度買完飛,等佢哋整好就要去取餐區拎份餐。叉燒豆腐扒飯配豆漿,眾所周知素食嘅肉多數係用豆腐再加調味料同色素之類去模仿,呢度嘅叉燒都係,賣相真係扮得幾似,食落煙煙韌韌,雖然唔太有肉嘅口感,不過都唔係完全冇味嗰種。豆腐扒就應該係用比較硬身嘅豆腐去整,無扮嘢完全係做緊自己。下面仲有堆炒雜菜例如係椰菜之類,再加埋紅糙米飯同豆腐。係就係冇平時嘅真叉燒飯咁好食,不過總算唔係完全無味嘅,對於平日一定要食肉嘅人嚟講,都算係入門級嘅素食。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Veteran Gourmet 2015-08-21
我還記得有一次相約幾位朋友吃飯,我提議「不如食齋囉」換來得是一片喝倒采。食齋對很多人的既有形象是唔好食、唔夠飽、好似冇食過野咁,但有時食得健康都緊要。因此,就算我不是長期素食者,但如果找到一家好味又健康的素菜,我都會去試試。今次找到這家位於舊式大廈二樓的新式素菜店。一行入正門,有個非常多菜式素菜的餐牌,佢還會講明有沒有蛋奶或蔥蒜,你更可選擇走蔥蒜,滿足不同人的需要,而另一邊有小菜快餐餐牌,可以選三個餸,配上湯和紅鞠米飯,都是58元,係一個不錯的選擇,可以經濟地試多幾樣野。我點了咖喱g扒,南乳粗齋和茄汁扒,可以滿足一點扮食肉的心態,又有點傳統的素菜。咖哩扒和茄汁(似午餐肉的扒)用豆渣製成,口感都可做到像食一塊煎肉一般,當然沒有肉那種油膩感,而配上較濃的汁,令人真覺得沒有食齋那種沉悶的感覺。而傳統齋方面,南乳齋,簡單的黃芽白,木耳等,加上足料的南乳,煮得入味,真的像家中煮成齋菜的感覺。(但個人覺得整體有丁點鹹,如果淡一點會更好)湯就主要由蘿蔔南瓜煲成,十分清甜沒有油,真的是健康的選擇。食完一餐,係飽足但沒有滯和負擔的感覺,茹素者可一試。另外,坐在店中沒有一種濃厚的宗教感,而店中只會掛上一些海報,甚至有些書籍說說食素菜的好處,而店員如果有空又會跟其他食客閒話家常,說說素菜生活有關的點滴,當然去得的食客都是愛素之人,所以如果在灣仔經濟地食素,係不錯之選。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Rising Gourmet 2015-05-20
This restaurant has been on my radar for a while. In fact I had even gone as far as the door-way before but was overcome with uncertainty and decided not to risk climbing the stairs to the unknown. This time I waited until I was feeling a little braver and I made it. As you walk through the door you can see boards on the right-hand wall listing the dishes on offer there looked to be many interesting options but as I was dining alone I was here for the set dinner. There was a board behind the cashier where the day's set dinner options were displayed. I choose my three options, paid the (very friendly) waiter and found a seat facing the window overlooking the busy road outside. I think you are meant to get your own water but this being my first time there the kind waiter took pity on me and brought a glass of lemon water to my table. There was only a short wait for the food and whilst all of the other orders were being called out in Cantonese, again the staff spotted my silly western face a mile off and kindly read out my order number in English so that I was sure it was my tray. It was quite a quiet 8pm dinner so they maybe had more time to be attentive than normal but I found the service to be wonderful. I had ordered the vege-meat steak in Portuguese sauce, chinese vegetables and the plains vegetables with soup. The whole set comes with red yeast rice too. My favourite of the three was the chinese vegetables, a nice mix of seasoning in the sauce. The Portuguese sauce on its own wasn't very flavourful but together with the steak it was good.  The soup had just enough flavour to be tasty and the whole thing was pleasantly filling, just enough. As I left the waiter waved a friendly goodbye. I will definitely be coming here again for dinner. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)