5-min walk from Exit E1, Sheung Wan MTR Station
2577 9981
1968 was an old Indonesian restaurant and now has been repackaged as a young image. Their traditional Indonesian flavor is now adjusted to fit Hong Kong foodie’s tastes. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon.-Sun. 12:00-00:00
Payment Method
Visa Cash
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10% Service Charge
Signature Dishes
Satay Skewers Braised Cow Hoinan Chicken with Rice Roast Fish
Featured Reviews (46)
Pro Gourmet 2016-07-07
1968Good 新裝老牌印尼餐廳。扎實的功架。味道不錯,環境舒適。不妨一試。75/1004.18一向喜歡吃印尼菜。幾乎已試過在印尼集中地 (銅鑼灣)所有的印尼菜和在尖沙咀屹立多年的「印尼餐廳」。這餐廳一向在我的「to eat list」上, 有次在附近happy hour 後和兩位朋友趁機一試。I like Indonesian food and I've always wanted to try this restaurant. 裝修有點法國殖民地色彩,燈光幽喑,頗有浪漫情調。酒牌選擇不錯。若喝得半醉的我們不在,會是約會的好地方。The interior had a bit of French colonial era in it, which kind of reminded me of Vietnamese restaurants such as On Nam at CWB.由於HH 的時候喝得頗多,大家專注於高談闊論,大家不能專心看餐牌,索性叫印尼侍應介紹數款招牌菜。朋友再點了一枝由侍應介紹的紅酒,很不錯。I forgot to take a photo of the menu but my impression was that it was fairly comprehensive, not as exotic as "Indonesian Restaurant" in TST but you'll get all the standard Indonesian fares.These were what we've ordered, mostly upon the recommendation of the friendly waitresses:Mixed sate: Highly recommended by the waitress and rightly so. The pork and chicken sate were very good. Both were well marinated and surprisingly succulent (especially for the chicken). 豬牛雞串燒: 除了沙爹醬外,還有青瓜和檸檬令味道更為清新。豬肉沙爹尤其值得一讚,醃得入味又很有肉汁,比很多餐廳優勝。出奇的是雞肉同樣肉質嫩滑,因燒雞肉一般很難保留肉汁,時間掌握得剛好。讚。我不吃牛,朋友說牛串燒更好。果然沒有介紹錯。Very nice with the satay peanut sauce. I don't eat beef so I didn't try the beef sate but I heard those were very good. Recommended.The nasi goreng was not as good as we had hoped. It wasn't warm enough but that's probably due to us drinking too much for too long. The flavour was kind of toned down. It had more soy sauce taste than anything else. I prefer a bit more punch by adding more chili flakes. Can't go wrong with the really large piece of prawn cracker though.相比之下,印尼炒飯反而較為遜色。可能因為放了一會才吃,感覺上沒有甚麼獲氣。味道更濃郁和辣一點可能更好一點。The corn fritters were pretty good, the batter was crunchy yet not too oily and the corns were sweet. But having tried almost every Indonesian restaurant at CWB and in TST, I still think those served at the "Indonesian Restaurant" in TST are the best.炸粟米餅亦是印尼菜中比較有名的菜式之一。這裏的做得不錯,粟米粒鮮甜,炸漿香脆不膩但略嫌厚了一點,都是可以一試的菜式。可能是有情義結的關係,試了很多間印尼餐廳,我仍然覺得從小到大吃的尖沙咀「印尼餐廳」所做的粟米餅是最香脆美味的。Fried fly fish is one of the signature dishes here. This was a very excellent display of culinary skill. The fly fish was very crunchy yet not oily at all. This was a very interesting dish. The fish itself doesn't taste much so it depends a lot on the various sambal sauce provided to give it taste. 炸飛魚可能是這裡特有的菜式,是招牌菜之一。賣相十分有霸氣,這應該不是可以彈出水面昨短暫滑翔的「飛魚」,而是「像在飛翔的魚」。大廚將兩邊的魚肉片開來炸,炸好的形狀確似一對翼。味覺上不算很突出,主要靠羅望子醬來提味,但絕對是巧功夫的一道菜,和桂花魚有異曲同工之妙。We ordered a bottle of red amongst the three of us. The red recommended by the friendly waitress was really good and matched with our dishes. Most of the waitresses here were Indonesian. They were friendly and efficient. We even learnt a bit of Indonesian from them. Terimakhasi!$1600 for 3 including (as far as I could remember) two bottles of red.I wouldn't rule out another visit if I'm around the area.以上食物連兩枝紅酒每人約$530,這比很多印尼餐廳貴,但整過用餐過程很愉快,亦學了點印尼語,不排除番吃。後記:之後果然翻吃了這裏。點了粟米餅,印尼炸雞,印尼炒飯和沙爹。印尼炒飯偏甜不辣,沙爹同樣美味,粟米餅更為香脆,而印尼炒雞則皮脆肉嫩。很適合渡過一個優閒的下午。不妨一試。I did return. The satay was equally good. The Indonesian fried chicken was pretty good.Definitely recommended for spending a relaxing afternoon lunch. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2016-05-03
Lunch set menu.Salad of the Day - Egg, Lettuce, Tofu with a peanut spicy sauce - tasted very yum! Nasi Rendang (curry beef) - loved how tender the meat was and how deeply infused the marination and sauce was into the meat. The vegetables were very tast too with a strong lemongrass flavour. Interesting how the rice was served in a pandan leaf cone, but it did not affect or alter the taste of the rice very much. My favourite tea in the world is indonesian tea (delivered by our helper) and this is the first time I had a sweet version! continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2015-12-27
I have visited this restaurant for many times as the place was quiet and warm. However, it was very disappinting for the meal here this time . I and my friend ordered drinks (beer & lychee soda) , Gado Gado salad and a Chicken Curry with Pancakes. Here are my comments for the food:lychee soda: taste like water...no taste of lychee at allGado Gado salad: those shrimp crackers are not crispy vegetables are not freshpotatoes is just so-soChicken Curry with Pancakes: the curry are so thin and tasteless the chicken slices taste like fabric and too "chewy"The restaurant was very very noisy this time as the BOSS of this restaurant was gathering with his family, friends and babies. The BOSS of this restaurant allow HIS FAMILY'S  babies kept crying and screaming just like smoke alarms!!!!I and my friend complaint about this to their staffs. However, the staff said "That is our boss, so that is their rights to gather here..."  It is not fair to customers. Actually, we don't know here has launched such "event"  before we walk-in. THE BOSS here why not just close their restaurant for their private babies screaming party? THE BOSS finally did not get back to our complaint and still enjoying their party! He totally ignores customers' request!!!!! We will never visit this so-called "Michelin's Recommended" restaurant again! continue reading