7-min walk from Exit A2, Sheung Wan MTR Station
2581 1809
Opening Hours
Mon.-Sat. 17:00-00:00 Closed on Sun.
Featured Reviews (6)
Trainee Gourmet 2014-06-22
We were actually looking for a restaurant to go into in the Sheung Wan area. Uninspired by what we were seeing as we walked around we eventually chanced upon Il Moro. At the time there were about 7 people in the restaurant: all one party although obvious they were waiting for more and they eventually numbered 15. Despite there being so few people in the restaurant the place was already buzzing and most of the buzz was coming from the waiter/owner/chef.The plan is simple you pay HK$350 and you get 3 courses and choose your starter(most people will choose the excellent antipasti misti) and then either a pasta/risotto dish or something more substantial like a lamb stew. The meal finishes with a dessert.Yes it is simple, although the food is very tasty, but do not go along expecting to have a quiet dinner as you will be wasting your time. It will not be a quiet dinner and you will have something more than a dining experience, you will have Il Teatro.Wines are very good and very cheap for the quality they are. There is also a story with every wine as they are personally imported by the owner.This is a singular restaurant that many HK diners will not like: it's not a place for shrinking violets. This is a restaurant for people who want to eat good food but have an exciting experience. If sterile restaurants where there is no engagement with the staff is for you then this is not your thing. As it was we had one of our best and most memorable evenings out in HK (been here 4 years).A great experience. We'll be back. continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2014-04-23
We went there at around 12 and they are closing but the chef still provided us a nice wine. He kindly picked romantic songs and light for us.The wine tastes pretty good and well worth the price.The environment is also very good.It's a very unique experience in Hong Kong.I'd love to go again continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2013-09-23
Four girls went on a Saturday night and ate a very good spread. The set meal was the only option - $400 for two courses. There was lots of variety within the set menu, buffalo salad, cold cuts, or bruschetta for starter; rabbit, snapper fish, lasagne for main Etc. the host and wait or takes you through it all in depth. He's very much. Part of your meal - he cut my good for me at one point - but it's homely, friendly and v Italian. continue reading