3-min walk from Exit L5, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station
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2730 5577
The rarely seen Korean fast food outlet, Hungry Korean homemade traditional and cheap bimbimbup and rice rolls which cost only around $50. Korean tourists repeatedly visit them just for their authentic flavor. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Best Fast Food Restaurant (2014), Best Korean Restaurants (2015)
Opening Hours
Mon.-Sun. 12:00-00:00 (Last Order: 23:30)
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Cash Octopus
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Alcoholic Drinks
Featured Reviews (241)
Novice Gourmet 2016-07-22
這家韓國餐廳較像快餐店,紫菜包飯和鐵板燒都不俗,雖說不上很美味,但偶爾想念韓國味道時,算是較為實惠的選擇,缺點是食物普遍都不夠熱。曾光顧數次,推薦豆腐湯(能走辣,湯底海鮮味濃!), 泡菜豬肉豆腐鐵板燒和甜雞鐵板燒。辣豬肉豆腐鐵板燒 $50Kimchi Pork & Tofu 두부 김치 철판 구이泡菜和豬肉切得細碎,辣泡菜把豬肉醃得濃郁惹味,配搭清淡嫩滑的豆腐,一濃一淡,是最佳配搭。鐵板保留食物的温度,白飯微温,我咀嚼著泡菜豬肉,彷彿回到韓國一樣。豆腐湯 $44能走辣,湯底海鮮味濃,不似味精湯底!湯裡有一隻青口和蝦,豆腐份量多,配飯一流,健康之選。香葱芥末雞翼 Spring onion & mustard chicken wings $34為雞翼而來,失望而回。芥末醬像是wasabi混芝麻醬,甜中帶辣,不錯。但雞翼沒有醃過,淡而無味,炸雞翼端上來已不太熱,扣分。芝麻香葱的味道反而最驚喜,與芥末汁很配。 continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2016-07-15
Came here on a Wednesday afternoon with a friend who highly recommended this place to me as a cheap, value for money Korean food option. Obviously it was a genuine fast food setting, which almost reminds me of the "ka ka fastfood restaurant" in the industrial area.All the servers are Koreans and neither their English nor Chinese is good. And they don't carry the tiniest smile on their faces. Well, but what do you expect from a fastfood store really?Food was ok. They didn't impress. I'd say they were OK for what they cost. I ordered the Korean japchae and a drink. They japchae was less than HKD40 so I thought it was really cheap. But when it came, it came in a very small portion. And later I found out it was listed on the menu as an appetizer. Maybe that also explains why it was a little cold when it came? So i ended up also ordering the gimbap to fill my stomach. Didnt really taste anything special, it was your regular gimbap except the seaweed was especially soggy.Lunch ended up being $80ish for me, so I'm not sure if it's really a value for money option. I could easily get a lunch at myung ga at this price point.Overall, I'd give it a 5/10. continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2016-07-09
想起之前一次過好多韓國餐廳開業, 令我最有印象都係hungry korean今次係平日放工時間過黎, 人不是太多, 點菜後店員便安排座位不得不叫當然有韓國既卷物啦, 今次叫左魷魚, 水準依然keep到, 辣辣地, 好開胃叫左個韓式炒粉絲, 今次呢個就油左少少, 但味道各樣都好不錯仲有個韓式海鮮豆腐湯, 呢個都幾辣下, 但料都幾足, 有蝦, 有魷魚, 有青口, 另外粒蛋同豆腐撈埋一齊就好好食!由於太肚餓, 食晒先記得影相 continue reading