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Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant offers a special dim sum and high quality seafoods to attract customers. Both Shark fin and Abalone are the best choice for dinner. continue reading
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Mon.-Sat. 11:00-23:00 Sun. and Public hoilday 10:30-23:00
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Signature Dishes
BBQ Pork Toast with Shimp and Mango Pan Chestnut Soft Cake Baked Pasty and BBQ Pork Bun Cabbage with Shimp Sauce Shark Fin with Crab Egg White
Featured Reviews (83)
Novice Gourmet 2014-03-26
This is not the first time I have visited Fu Sing, who is kwnon for its signature char siew. Fu Sing is also known to be one of the "rich men's canteen", so don't be surprised if you spot celebrities or socialites sitting near you.The restaurant was filled to the brim during lunch hour, and atmosphere was noisy as almost everybody is talking at the same time. This is a very typical scene not unlike what you see in TVB dramas.The char siew was up to its usual standard, a good mix of fatty parts and meat, with sticky honey glaze and a almost buttery taste. It is this unique taste that bring customers back repeatedly. Honestly, I like it, but I don't love it the way others do. I like mine done the traditional way. The plump shrimp dumplings (ie har gao) are pretty good too, translucent little parcels filled with shrimp and bamboo shoot. I also like their ham sui kok, which is essentially a mix of meat, mushrooms and other stuff wrapped in a glutinous rice pastry and deep fried. Less than satisfactory items included the wantons in chili oil, which was quite bland and not spicy at all. The fried XO rice rolls were a little dry and stuck to each other, but that could possibly be due to the fact that they were served up quite early on. Despite the hits and misses, we will come back again. Just have to order more carefully. From memory, their salted yolk custard buns were fabulous! continue reading
Veteran Gourmet 2014-03-05
是日與朋友一家人食飯,菜式由佢地點但我去到只剩下這幾味,呵呵但都夠我食啦最深刻就是黃金蝦,看圖,炒得十分整齊,咸蛋黃完全附身又不太有油膩感,蝦肉爽身鮮甜食黃金蝦,一定要連殼食,因為個殼也是很脆實在出色,其他食物印象一般價錢不詳,小朋友無錢比麻 continue reading
Pro Gourmet 2014-02-15
其實幾年前曾經來過富聲, 只是當時是跟公司老闆及同事來飲茶, 他們叫怎麼便吃怎麼, 沒有特別想要吃怎麼早前朋友說這裡的叉燒很有名很好吃, 加上豬先生最愛吃叉燒, 又答應用我在公司春茗抽中的500大元請他飲茶, 便提議到富聲試下他們的叉燒到底有幾好味週末是開11點的, 10點多打去還訂到位子, 準時12點到達, 只有部份枱有客人, 可能週末來說, 還算是早啦, 看看點心紙, 選擇不算多, 枱上放著一張附有幾款特色點心的相片, 總有些算是比一般酒樓精緻一點的點心吧, 因為只有2個人, 不敢叫太多點心, 尤其豬先生不吃甜點, 即使很想叫他們的懷舊馬拉糕, 最終還是沒有點, 只點了數個點心, 包括蝦卷炸兩腸粉, 水晶蝦餃, 露笋帶子餃, 干蒸燒賣, 蒸排骨, 叉燒飽, 當然點了特別來試的叉燒啦!燒賣及排骨是豬先生說一定要點的, 他的理論是要看出飯店的點心是否出色, 吃這2個點心就會知道...小小的一碟叉燒收費$128, 就只有10件, 上來時還是熱的, 肉質很稔, 燒得很出色, 少少肥肉剛剛好, 果然名不虛傳...豬先生亦讚不絕口點心呢, 蝦卷炸兩腸粉亦很好吃, 只是蝦肉好像太多, 很難一口吃下去, 蝦餃沒怎麼特別, 露笋帶子餃就味道清清的, 小小一個餃子很有帶子味, 值得推介! 問吓豬先生覺得干蒸燒賣及蒸排骨怎樣, 他說味道不錯, 至少兩個點心不像其他酒樓只有肥肉, 但排骨欠缺了豆豉的味道...2個人..埋單$440, 算是貴了點, 但也值得一試! continue reading