3-min walk from Exit E, Causeway Bay MTR Station
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2137 9777
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星期一至星期日: 10:30-05:45
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Visa Master AE Cash
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Alcoholic Drinks
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10% Service Charge
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Signature Dishes
Peking Duck 車仔麵 Sashimi Sushi
Featured Reviews (80)
Elite Gourmet 2016-01-21
We went here to celebrate our dear friend's birthday.The food was great that night and I particularly liked the beef steak which was tender and juicy and it came with a side of mustard.The sushi is good as well, it was fresh there is a good selection.The only complaint was that the plates pile up on the table because they don't get cleared. continue reading
Elite Gourmet 2015-12-16
A while ago there were two membership cards, the basic one and the special one that you had to pay $10 and available in four colours which I never upgraded to.All of a sudden on my recent visit I got forced to upgrade my membership card for free to a new silver card which meant I was lucky I never paid $10 for the other ones.I wasn't was quite ready for the upgrade because that tatty card has become quite sentimental.I believe the karoake business must be dying as they are seriously trying to get people to go Karoake with attractive offers which they didn't have before.The tea has improved because you get a metal jug which keeps warm throughout the whole session and you get more tea in it too   continue reading
Veteran Gourmet 2015-11-12
GYM友們要去唱K,仲要食埋蒲飛,很自然就會想起這家。大家早在6點已到達,加上午餐都沒有進食,萬分期待的豐富大餐現在開始。食物區域真係好大發現大大個瓦煲 : 鮑汁冬菇鵝掌。腳的主骨又粗又長,應該是鵝掌。但撈來撈去,只剩下一隻有蹼的鵝掌,其餘只是鵝掌主骨。原來這裡有很多識食之人呀!鵝掌需要很長時間的炆煮方能變軟變腍。仲要係中式酒樓的預訂酒席才有机會嚐到呀!今晚有幸遇上,當然不能放過這美饌。鵝掌又軟又腍,入口漿住,食完個咀巴粘粘的!是骨膠原呀!大石班唔記得叫咩名.但魚腩比人拎曬, 自己又不喜歡食魚背肉.於是退而求次, 選魚背觰位.魚觰骨之間有一點點的魚肉, 仲會連著膠質.除了魚尾和胸觰, 魚亦要依魚背觰來游水.每天不停游來游去, 魚背鯺位當然滑滑.吮落仲有啫喱狀的膠質, 難怪肉質不會變鞋. 忘了這條石班的呎寸, 單看厚身的魚皮, 又是另一美顏補品 ~ 骨膠原!!!!!!!吃不到魚腩, 吃魚皮補數吧!! 甜甜的豉油配上蔥花, 與魚皮一同品嚐, 有點似凍魚皮的風味. 唯獨是尚有魚鱗未割淨…朋友為我取得椰汁燕窩 講真, 來K蒲飛, 唔求山珍海錯, 但這個盅又真係讓人驚喜. 不是因為燕窩, 係椰汁, 椰汁好清甜, 飲完唔會痴住喉嚨, 又唔洗飲水清一清, 就可以即刻唱到K. 至於燕窩, 真係好碎, 份量好少! 好在平時少食, 亦唔敢食, 唔識分辨質素, 所以對燕窩無要求.白色卷卷 : 以魚肉卷著大蝦, 外觀几靚, 魚肉纖維好實在, 一D都唔霉, 中伏位:小蛋糕 : 第一口甜, 第二口己感到好重香精味………… 今日竟然係K BUFFEE搵到正野食, 有得食有得玩, 300蚊有找, 價格合理. continue reading