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Thai Omelet is the main cuisine: The fried egg wrapped in the hor rice. Their salmon is also worthy of promotion, but also delecious with red curry sauce, fresh to your whole day. continue reading
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Elite Gourmet 2011-08-03
是晚又是跟好朋友慶祝生日的日子, 跟他們見面的機會不多, 就是我們四人的四個生日, 每次都會挑選不同的店子, 這次就揀了這家必比登泰菜店. 先來的蝦片, 脆卜卜, 不俗.凍香矛班蘭葉茶 $48: 8分, 每人揀了一杯飲品, 我要的是凍香矛班蘭葉茶, 香矛味不會太重, 加上班蘭葉的香味, 幾有特色.凍意大利泡沫咖啡 $38: 這杯是文迪要的飲品.意大利泡沫咖啡 $30: 這杯是朋友的飲品.鮮薄荷茶 $30: 這杯是朋友的飲品.招牌暹羅沙律 $60: 8分, 菜幾新鮮, 加上豆腐, 幾特別, 而沙律醬就是花生醬, 都幾開胃的.冬蔭蝦湯 $65: 8分, 想不到辣度是如此強勁, 是完全超越我能忍受的程度. 是越飲越覺得辣的程度. 不過, 話說回頭, 個湯是相當惹味, 夠香口, 蝦也夠鮮, 愛吃辣的朋友一定會喜歡.冬蔭三文魚清湯 $65: 朋友就要了這個冬蔭三文魚清湯, 我試了一口, 辣度相對低一點.泰式炒金邊粉包蛋 $68: 8分, 賣相幾靚, 金邊粉炒得有火氣, 香口惹味, 也真的做到蛋包著金邊粉.招牌咖哩炒蟹 $198: 8分, 咖哩汁幾香濃, 辣度不算是好勁, 但配上蟹肉是幾搶味的. 蟹也幾新鮮, 作為招牌, 是滿意的.燒香辣牛柳粒 $135: 8分, 又一個辣的菜色, 真是吃到不太受得了. 牛柳是幾辣, 但又真係相當香口, 肉質不會實實, 以牛柳粒, 火候是幾好.咸魚炒芥蘭 $55: 7分, 炒得太油了, 不過咸魚配上芥蘭, 味道上是幾匹配, 芥蘭也幾靚.南瓜布甸 $48: 7分, 甜品方面, 南瓜布甸的南瓜味不太出到, 定是我的舌頭已辣到麻木了? 不過布甸的質感是幾好.芒果燸米 $58: 6分, 芒果不太靚, 燸米硬了點. 文迪是吃芒果燸米的專家, 這個對她來說, 不滿意.食物整體來講是有水準, 環境也幾舒適, 不過人手不太足, 服務就差了點. 至於我們這四人小組, 下次再吃的就是越南菜. continue reading
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和友人二人晚飯,叫了一個蘆筍、素春卷以及curry prawn。蘆筍本身還ok,但被一個不知所云/只有甜的“獻”覆蓋著。素春卷密麻麻只有粉絲,皮只硬不脆,我相信他們當然未能即叫即包,但給一點點的誠意罷?差過7-11包裝。Curry Prawn ok 。我明白中環要生存的話就要有些妥協,但這樣的泰國菜沒有wok氣、沒有誠意,當是買個晚餐環境/地點罷。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Rising Gourmet 2011-05-14
If it's a weekend and there are more than four (4) of you eating, I suggest that you call ahead and make a booking. Otherwise, just show up at the door and enjoy.Cafe Siam has got the Central-restaurant vibe balance down pat - located along Lyndhurst Terrace, almost right below the mid-levels escalator, it is very accessible and easy to find. It has a fairly nice exterior that projects an image of affordability without looking like a fast-food joint. I like how they employ Thai personnel to further project an image of authenticity; and I appreciate the assertiveness of the server who waited on us that night - she made suggestions on what to order and which dish goes well with which other dish, provided us with additional information on the food that we were interested in trying, etc. We ordered a couple of appetizers:We had the mixed satay (chicken and beef). (The chicken satay were immediately gobbled up so they weren't included in the picture.)Then we had some deep-fried shrimp cake which were absolutely perfect! Crisp and lightly-bready on the outside, soft and very shrimp-y on the inside. We also had some deep-fried prawn spring rolls which were absolutely delectable. I like it that the spring roll wrap remained crispy long after the food had gotten cold.We also ordered some pandan chicken which were very nice and tender (I've had some chicken pandan at other restaurants where the chicken is about as tough as soggy plywood). And then we had pineapple rice which was a cacophony of different tastes - salty, sweet and sour all at once because of the many ingredients mixed in. Even the texture was an amazing mix of soft, fluffy, crunchy and chewy.All in all, it was a very satisfying dining experience - the food was delicious, the staff were efficient, even the music being played seemed to fit in very well with the restaurant vibe. Definitely a place worth going back to. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)