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廳設計靈感源自舊巴黎豪華咖啡廳,由屢次獲奬的國際名廚Gray Kunz主理,菜式選用本地有機食材烹調,既有傳統風格亦有現代氣息,在此用餐更可飽覽維港海景。 continue reading
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Romantic Dining
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Mon.-Sun. 06:30-22:30
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精緻早餐 (Featured Review)
Veteran Gourmet 2016-05-24
美好的一天由早餐開始,特別是一個美好的禮拜天(✿ฺ´∀'✿ฺ) 哈哈每到週末總會鄭重其事地去吃一頓很好的早餐來獎勵自己過去一個禮拜的辛勤勞動(其實沒有很辛苦啦哈哈),這禮拜選了和好友去金鐘奕居樓頂的cafe gray吃早餐。這邊6點半就開始營業了,餐廳裝潢是優雅的歐陸風格,簡單時尚,差不多大部份桌子都可以看到維港的美景。我們早上10點到還可以坐在靠窗邊的座位。我堅信早餐要吃得豐盛這理論,所以我點了兩份我很愛的早餐,其實份量都蠻大,我大概只能吃下2/3。第一個我點的是Cafe Gray Granola($110). Granola是我愛吃的燕麥片,因為像oat這種有點太健康,而granola裡面有麥片有果仁有乾果,而且非常脆,加上新鮮的藍莓和raspberry酸酸甜甜很好吃。旁邊還有一碗雲尼拿味的乳酪,倒在granola裡面沒那麼乾,超好吃!除了Granola我還點了Nutella filled brioche French toast ($160). French toast炸得一點都不油,中間塗了一層薄薄的朱古力醬,不會太甜剛剛好。toast表面還塗了酸車厘子醬和一勺cream. 酸和甜中和在一起味道很棒!最特別的是平時吃的多士中間都是麵包,而這邊的toast中間好像有混合了雞蛋在裡面,非常滑和軟。唯一一樣我不太喜歡的這邊的咖啡,我點了mocha,但喝起來很稀咖啡味也不太濃。我們點了三樣早餐買單590塊港幣,以餐廳的景色和食物質量價錢非常合理。哈哈完美的禮拜天 ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ♫♬ continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2016-07-17
Came here for afternoon tea. Upper house is a little difficult to find. However once you find the entrance it isn't bad. Anyways the set wasn't expensive less than $500 for 2 people. And the choices are quite nice. However I did find the desserts to be pretty sweet the savouries are very good. Would definitely come back. Also, it has a really nice view. You can look out to see the Victoria harbour and tst. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2016-05-23
Love the big windows at Cafe Gray which let the natural light shine in.It's a perfect place for brunch ( yay although dinner is great too!).What else could have been better than having a cup of coffee with friends and chit chat for the afternoon?  Don't laugh, but we love the bread and we could finish them all!Yes call us burger girl girl on weekends This salad was so fresh and healthy.... To balance with the burgers haa haaClub sandwich is one of our favourite too, it looks simple but it does taste good continue reading