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Elite Gourmet 2016-05-06
It's been a long time since I last indulged myself in one of those themed afternoon teas in Hong Kong. The last one I had the pleasure of having was Pierre Hermé's Infiniment Citron Afternoon Tea at Ritz Carlton and that didn't turn out very well so I have been much more selective these days.Three weeks ago, I started hearing about Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s special collaboration with Vienna’s famous Café Central and Julius Meinl coffee. Won't that be something. I have always been a huge fan of the vibrant European café scene and this is one of the oldest institution in Austria. I am sure mom would be interested too.During this collaboration or cross-over, both Clipper Lounge and Café Causette will be serving a selection of Café Central's traditional homemade pastries accompanied by Julius Mienl coffee. A special afternoon tea set featuring the café's signature pastries is also available during the afternoon hours.While everyone is dying to get a taste of the Viennese coffeehouse culture, I decided to just get a cup of hot chocolate instead. Not bad.Mom was excited to see the three-layered afternoon tea set ($498 for two people) but I was too busy taking pictures left and right.They've got a pretty good scone. That's a start.Out of all the savory items, I love this salami sandwich with egg omelette the most.Mini Schnitzel burger. Hm....just OK.Time to get our hands dirty on the sweet stuff now. What we have here are bite-sized versions of the famous Viennese sweet treats including from left to right, Esterházy cake, a sponge cake with delicious butter cream; their signature Sachertorte, a traditional chocolate cake with apricot jam; Marmorgugelhupf, a marble bundt cake that is tender and buttery and last but not least, Café Central Gâteau, a layered chocolate cake with marzipan, orange and exotic spices.The Café Central Gâteau was definitely the best of the bunch.With guest pâtissier Johannes Warmuth in the house, I thought we owe it to ourselves to try at least one of Café Central's famed pastries (no, not the bite-sized versions). We ended up getting this Zwetschgen-Mohn, a type of Austrian poppy plum short cake. The plum flavors were really nice and strong with what I thought was a bit of wine backing it up. Very good.The Café Central collaboration will be around until the end of June so stop by Clipper Lounge, Café Causette or The Mandarin Cake shop for your Viennese treats soon. continue reading
Veteran Gourmet 2016-04-27
早前得知香港文華東方酒店會與首次來港的維也納著名咖啡館 Café Central 及 Julius Mein合作,在酒店內的快船廊,Café Causette和文華餅店推出一系列正宗維也納口味蛋糕及咖啡,供應期限定只至今年6月20日。一想起可以在香港也重溫到傳統維也納咖啡廳的味道,實在太期待!於是上個週末就趁brunch與晚飯之間的空檔過去Cafe Causette一趟。一來到就發現Cafe Causette入口旁(即平日餅店平日賣朱古力的counter)已經換成 Café Central 及Julius Mein的蛋糕與咖啡專區,蛋糕櫃內擺著多款維也納傳統蛋糕,看見已經很高興。餅店除了外賣,亦有少量座位可以堂食,不過當然不及Cafe Causette坐得舒服啦。Cafe Causette和快船廊都有推出維也納傳統蛋糕及糕餅下午茶三層架(1位用$288 / 2位用$498),不過我剛吃完brunch,稍後還要去吃晚飯,所以實在無能為力吃得下三層架了,還是單點吧。堂食單點蛋糕有4款選擇,維也納蘋果餡餅(Wiener Apfelstrudel)、维也纳心太軟朱古力蛋糕(Mohr im Hemd)、杏脯醬夾心朱古力蛋糕(Sachertorte)及Café Central 朱古力蛋糕等。我就選了件我一向喜歡的Sachertorte ($88)。這件Sachertorte濕潤香滑,朱古力香夠濃郁。而微酸的薄薄杏脯醬夾心剛好為這件蛋糕多帶來一個層次。飲品方面,我先飲杯鮮榨果汁清新一下。先從10種水果中選出喜歡的,再自由配搭8款莓及香草類,我就選了紅菜頭拼藍莓、薄荷與薑 ($82)。入口淡淡的紅菜頭香,拼上薄荷與薑的香辣,不錯。另外除了Cafe Causette平常供應的飲品外,這段期間特別供應4款Julius Meinl的傳統維也納咖啡,包括Kleiner Brauner,Wiener Melange,Franziskaner 和 Mozart Café。Wiener Melange ($68),是在濃縮咖啡中加入了牛奶,飲起來咖啡與奶香平衡,而且賣相跟足奧地利當地咖啡廳傳統,伴以一杯水。這個維也納風休閒下午,真是相當滿足。 continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2016-07-05
一直都聽說文華東方的下午茶很出色,但一試便發現這絕對是我試過性價比最低的Afternoon Tea Set。首先,三層架除了最低一層是甜品,其餘都是三文治、三文治和三文治。唯一一樣熱食就是普通到不能再普通的烘底火腿芝士三明治。全都是便宜貨色,以五星酒店來說,這個三文治組合非常沒誠意。1. 煙三文魚忌廉芝士三明治 (味道普通)2. 蛋奄列黃瓜沙律三明治 (簡單來說就是用黃瓜包著蛋沙律三明治)3. 火腿芥末三文治 (普通到已經不記得味道)4. 西洋菜烤牛肉辣根三文治 (在外面餐廳很少見,但味道只是中規中矩)5. 扒火腿芝士三明治 (唯一一樣熱食,烘底+芝士溶,與#3一樣都只是火腿)接著是甜品。大部人都說文華東方的蛋糕很出名,但試完很失望,而且賣相一點都不精緻。1. 文華芝士餅 (隨街買到的芝士餅)2. 鮮甜水果盒 (這個是最正常,裡面有雲呢嗱籽的cream)3. 朱古力慕斯蛋糕 (沒特別且朱古力不算濃)4. 海綿蛋糕 (非常甜又完全沒有口感的牛油蛋糕,吃了一口已經想放棄)5. 黑醋栗慕斯蛋糕 (味道很奇怪,苦苦的)最後當然是每一個人都說必試的Scone,微微帶熱的Scone 配上butter cream 和 玫瑰醬這配搭即使不是文華東方也一定好吃。但如果不配butter cream 和 玫瑰醬,你便會發現那Scone味道其實很普通而且又乾,完全沒有牛油香。1. 傳統及提子鬆餅 (提子鬆餅OK但傳統鬆餅超乾)2. 玫瑰花果醬 (好香但男孩子會覺得偏甜)3. 牛油忌廉 (好滑)唯一可取的地方就是茶的選擇滿多,伴茶的曲奇是整個Tea Set最好味,鬆化又有牛油香。整體而言,三層Afternoon Tea Set沒有一件說得上是美味或有特色的,2人價錢$558+10%,性價比可說是超低,非常令人失望。 continue reading