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Anthony’s Ranch is dedicated to delivering top quality “Real Texas Smoke House” foods to the Sai Kung Area. The restaurant uses Apple, Pear, Maple and Oak wood in our smoking process. Anthony’s imports Chilled Harris Ranch (California) Prime Steaks all cooked on our American Char Rock Broiler. Happy hours start from 3'o clock afternoon to 7'o clock evening, all liquor drink 50 per cent discount off. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon.-Thu. 11:00-00:00, Fri. 11:00-04:00, Sat. 08:00-04:00, Sun. 08:00-00:00
Payment Method
Visa Master AE Cash
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Open Till Late
May Bring Your Own Wine Details
Outdoor Seating
TV Broadcast
Signature Dishes
Grilled/Smoked Steak Grilled/Smoked chicken/Lamp Prime Steak Prime Lamp Chop Quesadillas
Featured Reviews (58)
Trainee Gourmet 2015-12-20
been here a few times and always a mixed bag, I seem to order well but my wife has always had a lousy order, today was the same plus my sons meal was poor as well. Beer is always ice cold here and the nachos are always good so we got off to a good start. I ordered the brisket roll which was juicy and tasty. My wife had the macaroni cheese off the kids menu as she was not that hungry, it was tasteless, probably out of a packet, and had no cheese on it whatsoever. My son had the kids burger, the bun was grease sodden and on closer examination fell apart, it was awful. Another point the wait staff were pretty uninterested, the restaurant was pretty empty and the young staff was joking around, with a fair bit of swearing, personally not bothered but behaviour more like a pub than restaurant, none of them asked us how our food was when considering how much we left was odd. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2015-09-09
其實西貢有許多很有特色的餐廳都被人忽略了,只有少部分港人和外國人時他們的常客。Anthony's Ranch一家美洲菜的特色餐廳,來到門口已經感受到濃烈的西部牛仔風,門口挂滿鬥牛頭模型和各種關於牛的裝飾,餐廳内更是裝飾各式各樣。我和朋友是下午才來餐廳的,所以只點了2樣東西一起share珍寶蝦很大只,而且口感非常爽口,再加上配醬把蝦的甜味提升到最高。很喜歡它的薯條,不會太硬也不會太軟,而且吃多不覺得口干和過火。另外,這裡的侍應是外國人,要用英文點餐,不過他們非常nice continue reading
Veteran Gourmet 2015-01-25
Anthony's Ranch是我倆來西貢經常到訪的餐廳。這裡的菜式份量是頗大的, 今晚我倆不太肚餓, 只點了兩個菜。必點的是chili, 是我們的favourite。熱騰騰的肉醬配上少少脆的麪包, 很開胃。份量都夠大。之後點了牛柳, 超美味的。肉質入口即溶, 很嫩滑。薯蓉和栗米都是我的至愛。1月1日的新開始, 晚上人客不多, 氣氛不錯, 滿足的一餐。 continue reading