2521 2010
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Mon.-Sun. 17:00-02:00
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Open Till Late
Alcoholic Drinks
10% Service Charge
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Featured Reviews (5)
Trainee Gourmet 2009-04-15
Mexico is famous for Tequila, Corona, Sol, Pacifico, and Dos Equis XX etc. I come here for happy hours once a week for almost a year now but I never try those Mexican beers or tequila. I always go for the Belgian Stella. For me this is not a Mexican bar or restaurant. It is just a good place for me to hang out with my friends after work. There are many other bars in LKF but for some reasons I like this one the most for happy hours. Maybe it is their service, embodiment, music, or just the Stella from the tap. Maybe it is the name Agave or the location (across from Fong). Or it is as simple as I always have a good time with my friends chatting in here after work. continue reading
(Non-member) 2007-07-08
Went here with my teammates for Dinner and Happy hours. We ordered tons of foods and drinks. Signature Magarita- Strawberry, Peach and Passion Fruit. Chicken Fujita, Tarritos and Chillis....Over all the food was good and I wonder why all the Mexican foods use almost same ingredients - Corn beef, Beans, Avocados, Cheese.We have a great night and went to another pub for second round drinks. I think Agave is one of the authentic Mexican Restaurant in town. Worth to try if you want to taste real Mexican food. continue reading
Veteran Gourmet 2006-02-12
Longed for an authentic mexican fare as the papers recommended, dropped by the one in wanchai but finally dined in the one in LKF, it's a disapointment after knowing they have different menu without the signature home-made style dish here we resorted to the others, appetizer came the 'Pastel Azteca', fresh corn tortilla served with zuccini, eggplant in tomato sauce n cheese, a very nice spicy treat yet the portion, unlike the others like nachos, just rite as a starter for 2; the main course we got 'Pollo Y Napal', served in a lava made stonepot with grilled chicken breast and cactus in tomato n green pepper sauce, together with mexican rice and tortilla as a side dish, having cactus made it special or otherwise both the chicken n rice were average fares, the chicken wasn't tender enuff nor the rice was tasty as usual.One thing to behold was the rude attitude of the staff, neither helpful in recommending nice dishes nor the friendly enuff to serve the clienteles. No doubt the one in wanchai would be my choice next time instead this one here. continue reading