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Rising Gourmet 2016-04-22
季季紅以糯米醸乳豬有水準出名, 我曾到其元朗店吃有米豬的套餐, 又買了兩張乳豬卷在家開 party時招呼朋友之用, 對此酒家的出品也很讚賞.  今天經過灣仔, 突然想不如試試其灣仔店午餐吧!酒家位於街市附近, 泊車只可在路邊希望不抄牌, 裝飾真是以 "紅"為主, 很搶眼.  食肆設於二樓, 內分區有高低座位頗特別.座位很多, 空間闊落, 我們看看餐牌便點了:點心拼盤:  有蝦餃皇, 燒賣, 潮州粉果, 及紅棗糕各兩件, 蒸籠 上檯夠熱, 不錯.潮州粉果, 內餡 OK, 但外面粉皮太厚, 難入口, 真不及格蝦餃皇也有點失望, 因為蝦肉不多而粉皮也厚, 燒賣品質一般紅棗糕少甜, 口感柔軟. OK.煎魚餅, 魚味不足, 煎得有些硬  皮旦瘦肉粥, 夠大碗, 足料, 但粥底不算綿, 也沒有伴粥的油器, 薄脆, 蔥花, 略為單調鹹肉稯, 米也不夠綿, 內只有豬肉, 沒有旦黃, 而口感太硬. 整體來說, 點心手藝未到水準, 侍應服務也欠理想, 而去洗手間的走廊也欠裝修, 有些失望.要改善 continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2016-04-18
係中環金鐘灣仔番工既朋友都知中午要搵食真係排隊排到七彩,唔係就貴到傻,食餐晏姐,洗唔洗等咁耐啊😭😭上星期三請同事食飯,一行十四人要係灣仔搵酒樓開餐唔係執得執就執就係好鬼死遠,聽朋友講元朗季季紅既禾米豬出名,所以就揀左黎灣仔呢間分店到食,我地叫左一隻禾米豬,$660又唔算好貴,十四人分一人都有兩件分到,豬就即燒既,熱騰騰的,肚入面既飯都好多雖然有點油,但都幾好味,豬頭同豬腳仔就打包番去煲粥,叫到成枱點心,埋單都係千一蚊左右,十四個人人頭都唔洗一百蚊有禾米豬食,都幾熱鬧開心既,請同事食飯一大班人不防黎呢度! continue reading
If you wish for abundance food, personalised 1-persons Hotpot, and Golden Roasted Pork (有米豬 & 火鍋) at traditional Yum Cha Restaurant, 季季紅風味酒家 Red Seasons Restaurant is the choice to go!This night, our whole commercial & investment team choose this restaurant as the celebration hotpot dinner after a high-note achievements for Q1. 22 of us reserved a room at Red Seasons. The night at 7:30pm, there are not a lot of people eating for dinner but we left a room for our company's celebration by a referral of a friend. 7:45 pm We started ordering the soup base and food (large variety). 3 Soup Base are not available that left me to order "Winter Vegetable Chicken "pot , adding fresh chicken meat dish made ​​pickles & sauce.  The base of the soup are all cooked for a long time, the taste is strong. 1 persons hotpot is a very exciting experience. The heat is hot enough to cook quickly. There good and refreshing taste: US beef , cattle sheep sheet flavor ...... not even a smell of mutton D , chewy scallop/Tasty enough to eat that night everyone was very fun , style foot, variety, price and popularity, quality can be better!Service:The service was the most local and basic ones. Do not expect service here, but only to refill hot soup. There are 6 types of soup base to choose, 3 of them are not available. The soup comes late. FoodThere are humongous plate of Golden Roasted Pig with Fried Rice and 2 kg of Hotpot Food.The food quality are not very well, the soup base is strong. But the quantity of food are very economical. chewThe restaurant offers 84 different ingredients to choose from consisting of different meats, fish and seafood - both fresh and frozen, staple foods including potatoes, noodles, or rice, vegetables, and other foods such as tofu, bean curd skin, all kinds of balls such as fish, cheese, shrimp, not to forget pastes such as shrimp or octopus to intensify the taste. The choice is vast and everyone can find what they like.We ordered the Son , beef balls , cuttlefish slip , beef , pork, frog , crab , mussels sun and the moon , abdominal fillets, American oyster bucket , cattle Boye , cheese sausage, bean sprouts , lettuce , mushrooms , corn , pumpkin , melon slices , lotus root slices , hot pot material is indeed fresh , sweet meat , meatballs elastic mouth , melon slices , slice of fresh yam , cattle Boye is also not drift too Taibai kind , it is refreshing, fresh yam slices , pumpkin cut thickness also easy rinse, not too thin , too long to rinse melted , however soup unacceptable. We ordered the duck soup , one side is satay , while the broth . Waiter holding soup up , seeing there is all white broth soup , needless to say is known to be quite heavy MSG soup , but they have comfort coriander , leather denier should also burn out the flavors.  continue reading