4-min walk from Exit C2, Jordan MTR Station
2833 1000
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Mon-Sun: 07:00-00:00
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Trainee Gourmet 2015-03-31
佐敦茶餐廳眾多,茶餐廳款式一向大同小異,所以我也無特別要求,但求正正常常就算,當天買了個腿蛋治+沙爹牛麵+熱奶茶,返到公司腿蛋治,蛋又燶,麵包又乾(隔夜!?)沙爹牛扁咸,奶茶好淡,基本煎隻蛋都咁,其他不敢想像(燶左就唔好比人啦!!)black list無下次! continue reading
This is the second time boyfriend and I have come here. We happened on it one night by accident and found it again one year later after we forgot where it was.好兄弟餐廳小廚 has an English name. It's called Good Brother's Restaurant. The staff look like triad members. No joke. They are buff and tattooed. But don't be scared as they give you better service than any cha chan teng around. No hastily plopped down food. No standing around waiting for you to order. They don't even rush you out the door after you're done eating. And after you pay, they thank you and wish you come again.Menu is in both English and Chinese with plenty of nice photos. Food ranges from seafood to basic Chinese dishes found at most cha chan tengs. Prices are not expensive. Portion sizes are generous. Place is clean and tidy.Lemon Chicken ($58). Chicken was moist while still being crispy. Lemon sauce was tangy and lemony. Chicken wasn't drenched in flour and was not oily.Eggplant with minced pork and salted fish hot pot ($58). Lots of eggplant in this piping hot claypot. The eggplant was cooked just right. It wasn't too salty and not too spicy as well.You can add money and add a drink. They also have beer for those that want beer. Combined with two bowls of rice and one drink, the dinner came out to be $124. What  a deal for good food!I noticed they had lunch sets that cost $38 and include Chinese soup, rice and a main Chinese dish that changes daily. Would probably return to check that out some time. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2014-11-19
食物質素:新鮮食材,廚藝考手。2人吃了4個餸雖然是大衆一向吃到的小菜,但廚藝真有火喉。吃了一口,很想吃第二口。宮寶雞丁的腰果脆而不油口。蒜茸清蒸聖子就新鮮肥美。辣酒煮花螺就更嘢味,又香又辣。😔而蒜茸炒芥蘭就有點硬,但味道仍很好。 環境衞生:裝修似茶餐廳,衛生仍然很清潔。 服務態度:伙計很熱情;冷氣強的時候為你送上熱茶。而且個個伙計也是笑容滿臉。值得再來光顧😃😃😃😃👍 continue reading